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Have you found the software your firm needs to manage Equitable Distribution Cases?

Introducing Equitable Distribution Assistant
From The Cavalry Group, Inc.

Welcome to The Cavalry Group's Equitable Distribution Assistant!

Equitable Distribution Assistant (EQDA) provides a time-saving way to calculate and manage the specifics of your equitable distribution cases.

Case Tracking- EQDA collects numerous variables related to a case in one location.  Personal information about the client, assets, liabilities, case specifics and more are all available.  

Flexibility - EQDA allows you to track the details of the case our team felt were critical to managing the case.   Virtually all this information is optional, however, allowing you to use only the components of the program you find helpful.

Easy to Use - EQDA allows you to collect information about the parties, enter asset / liability information, easily modify party distributable share, provides detailed worksheets for complex asset value calculations, performs percentage calculations for you, and includes flexible reporting options.

Integrated with the Tools you use - Equitable Distribution Assistant runs as a separate program. The reports it generates can be output to a printer or a file (on disk) and the program creates Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Word documents directly. 

With the Cavalry Group's "Assistant" Software you can try the program before you buy.  You can download a fully functional trial version. The trial version may be used for evaluation purposes only and may be used for two days. The trial version does not contain any functional limitations.

You can purchase our products online.   We will email you your unique registration information and serial number that you can then use to register the trial version.

Special Offer - Purchase both PASA and EQDA for $450.  *You save $150!*
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